Controlled Substances and Alcohol Testing Certification Program (C.S.A.T.)

(Title 49 of the CFR Part 40, 382, & 655, CPUC 1032.1 & CVC 34520)

- California Vehicle Code 34520 Compliant Program & Testing Services, Since 1991 -

C.P.U.C. Pre-Approved Drug Consultant with Electronic Authority

D.O.T. Defined C/TPA with Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Authority

We help ensure you pass every federal & state drug and alcohol testing requirement, through our 30 years of ongoing training and drug & alcohol Program Management experience.  We have earned the trust of most DOT, CHP & CPUC inspection agents, by running every client's program with the highest amount of experience and ethics found no place else within the industry.  We ensure your testing program is run right, according to all federal and state mandates every day!  We are a personal, hands-on company, who respect you and your company.  We will never, unlike other "fully automated" vendors, drop the ball and expose your company to unneeded litigation, re-inspection fees and application slow downs.  Rest assured, if you follow our recommendations, you will succeed and start to enjoy the benefits of a genuine Drug Free Workplace!

United States Department of Transportation

State of California Highway Patrol

California Public Utilities Commission

- Pre-Approved Compliance Programs -

PLAN 2 & 3:

   $   99.00 Start-Up

   $   49.00 Monthly (Unlimited Driver Members)

   (Includes no free testing, pay as you test)

Plan 2 includes Regulated & Non-Regulated Employees

Plan 3 only includes your Regulated Drivers.


   $ 295.00 Start-Up

   $ 195.00 Monthly (Unlimited Driver Members)

   (Includes 3 free, non- accumulative  urine tests a month)

Plan includes Regulated & Non-Regulated Employees


 DOT-FMCSA Compliant & Clearinghouse Management

Title 49 CFR Part 40, 382, 653 + 34520CVC CSAT



We can help!




   $  99.00  Start-Up(include first Free Drug Test & Limited Query)

   $  20.00  Monthly (Per member drive, minimum of 1, no maximum)

   (All additional testing is not included, billed monthly)

Plan includes DOT, CHP , CPUC & any other Regulated Driver(s)


Program is cross compliant with C.H.P. & C.P.U.C.

Title 49 CFR Part 40, 382, 653 + 34520CVC CSAT

D.O.T. - C.H.P. & C.P.U.C.

Controlled Substances and Alcohol Testing

Certification Program includes:

  • Certification of Compliance for CPUC, DOT & CHP;

  • Full Program & Testing Management Services, nationwide;

  • FIRST Urine Drug Test is FREE!

  • FIRST DOT/FMCSA CLearinghouse Query is FREE!

  • Program Exceeds 49 CFR Part 382/40, 34520CVC & 1032.1 CPUC;

  • Program Exceeds CSAT, US DOT & CPUC mandates, nationwide;

  • Full Detailed Policy Template, complies with DOT/CPUC & CHP;

  • ​DOT-FMCSA Clearinghouse Support Services;

  • ​All requirements outlined within form CHP 800J & 34520 CVC;  

  • All Required Employee Notification Forms;

  • All Required Postings and Handouts;

  • Summary Policy Acknowledgement Template;

  • Computerized Random Selections, with Driver Notification Forms;

  • Random Pool Maintenance & Updates;

  • DHHS/SAMHSA Federally Certified Labs;

  • DOT Compliant Sample Collectors;

  • DOT Compliant Breath Alcohol Technicians & Equipment;

  • ONLINE Reasonable Suspicion Training;

  • ONLINE D.E.R. Training;

  • M.I.S. Reporting & Audit Support;

  • All needed forms and documents to ensure 100% compliance;

  • Certification of Compliance - Title 49 CFR Part 40, 382 & 653