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FORENSIC Drug Testing Services, Inc. (FDTSI) has always been committed to maintaining our customer provided information as private and confidential at all times.  We take great effort to ensure any private or personal information, provided to our FDTSI employees, is constantly held in the strictest confidence.  It is important to note, that many people are directly involved in providing  the services  offered by FDTSI, such as the sample collection facility and thier staff, the testing laboratory and thier support staff, the Medical Review Officer and thier supports staff and tohers who will need access to your personal and private information, in order to render a reliable and accurate service. 

In addition, prior to or at the time of sample collection, you are given the opportunity to direct FDTSI to report your personal drug, breath alcohol and/or DNA Paternity test results to one or more persons whom are generally prohibited from viewing or attaining such private information, without your express written consent.  The  thrid-party reporting directives you issue FDTSI Staff, when ordering your services or given at the time of services being rendered, may NOT be cancelled, revoked, withdrawn, or changed!  So, think carefully before allowing anyone, other than yourself, access to your private testing information. 

Although, our in-house security measures may be burdensome to some, rest assured they are in place to ensure no unauthroized person or persons gain access to your private information, without your prior approval..

Forensic Drug Testing Services, Inc (FDTSI) is not a medical facility and does not offer any type of medical treatment, diagnosis, medical opinion, medical advice or provide any type of medical care.  FDTSI is strictly a provider of forensic testing services, used to collect non-medical evidence for Customer's end use.  Although FDTSI takes every effort to safegaurd your private information, it is not considered a "Covered Entity" under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Furhtermore, FDTSI does not collect or maintain any type of Employee Health Informaton (EHI), nor do we collect or maintain any type of Private Health Information(PHI).

FDTSI does not sell, share or distribute Customer Information to any third party organization.

By entering our site and purchasing any product or service herein shall demonstrate your full agreement and compliance with all terms, conditions and practices outline herein..

FORENSIC Drug Testing Services, Inc. (FDTSI) is a Drug & Alcohol Program Management Firm,  who provides many employer support and testing services,  under contract.  FDTSI is commonly referred to as a "Consortium" or "Third Party Administrator' (C/TPA).

DOT and Non-DOT Program Management Services:

FDTSI may terminate  or limit contracted services with any customer, when the custor acts or fails to act, in accordance with FDTSI verbla or written direction.  At FDTSI option,  we may provide a written notice of non-compliance, via e-mail, stating a final deadline for custoemr compliance.  Non-Compliance issues may result in FDTSI notifing the regulatory agency or firm, overseeing the cusomter's compliance or participation, to inlcude mandated reporting with the FMCSA Clearinghouse Database.  A reinstatement fee  of $495.00 , plus any past due Invoices and Late fee will be required before being aallowed to re-aply for membership with FDTSI.



No Refunds, No Exchanges, No Account Credits, No Gift Cards and No Returns will be allowed.   ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

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