Legally sound drug & alcohol testing programs for over 28 years !

D.O.T.- F.M.C.S.A. Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Registration & Query Requirements;

Pre-Employment "Full Query" Mandates with Donor Consent Forms;

Current Employee Annual "Limited Query" Mandates for current employees;

D.O.T./D.H.H.S. Lab-Based Oral Fluid (Saliva) Drug Testing options;

"Recreational Marijuana" vs "Medical Marijuana" clarified;

Prohibition of possession, sales or use of Marijuana, Medical or Recreational;

California Supreme Court rules employers can terminate for "Medical or Recreational Marijuana";

Accommodation options that help you legally hire or retain a valid "Medical Marijuana" user;

Accommodation options that help you legally hire or retain a valid Rx medication user;

Optional Interactive Process for Rx Medications & Legal Medical Marijuana;

NEW Medical Review Officer Process to include/exclude Medical Marijuana;

NEW Online Marijuana verification system;

NEW Fitness for Duty Safety Evaluation Provisions;

Marijuana Test "Carve-out" options;

Expanded Policy Testing options, for BREATH Testing for Marijuana & Impairment testing;

Controlled Substance/Illegal Drug/Prohibited Substance/Impairing Substance redefined;

Under the Influence/Impaired/Impairment/Unfit for Duty redefined;

DOT Safety-Sensitive functions & designation redefined and clarified;

Non-DOT Safety-Related functions & designation redefined and clarified;

Post Accident testing procedure updated & in line with OSHA's reaffirmation Memo;

DOT & Non-DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training now offered on-line;

D.E.R. Training now offered on-line;

S.A.P. Referrals and Qualification of DOT SAP Training now verified on-line;

PLUS, much, much more....