DOT, CHP &  PUC Compliance Guaranteed:


for D.O.T.  & Non-Regulated Companies

Plan 3 or 4 will ensure you're in compliance with D.O.T. Regulation - Title 49 CFR Part 40, 382 & 655.  This plan also exceeds compliance requirements listed under the California Highway Patrol CSAT program & the CHP Tow Service Agreement.  Finally, this program exceeds the California Public Utilities Commission mandates for taxi, limousine and other regulated companies. These Plans do NOT include the cost of testing or other services. (No renewal fees)

          PLAN 3:   $ 99.00 Start-up,  $49.00 a month thereafter.  UNLIMITED Driver

                                     Pool, with no monthly  enrollment cost per member.

                                     12 month commitment (No renewal fees).

          PLAN 4:  $29.00 Start-up, $20.00 a month per enrolled driver,

                                     12 month commitment (No renewal fees).

Plan 5 will be customized to meet your company sponsored  "Pre-Employment" testing needs.  This plan will include a DFWP Policy, that complies with the Federal & California Drug Free Workplace Acts..  This Plan is perfect for any company wanting to start a very basic DFWP Program.   It is important to note that this Plan does NOT fulfill the requirements for DOT,CHP or PUC mandates relating to testing .  Our Plan  1, 2, 3 or 4 will cover those,  when needed.

PLAN 5 PRICING: $ 29.00 Start-up, $20.00 a month.

                                                 12 month commitment.  Simply pay for testing as needed.

                                                 (No renewal fees).

PLAN 6 PRICING: $ 29.00 Start-up, $20.00 a month.

                                                  12 month commitment.  Simply pay for testing as needed.                                                    (Membership  allows for Non-COD services-Invoice Acct)


PLAN  5 & 6:  DFWP Program or Testing Only Agreement

PLAN  3 & 4 (DOT/CHP or PUC CONSORTIUM Membership



Stand-Alone Companies or

Smaller CONSORTIUM Membership

We will provide our entire line of testing services at our discounted rates