Let's face it, being a "Regulated Employer" in today's world  ain't much fun!  There is all that , ever increasing,  government regulation , unfunded mandates,  CHP terminal inspections,  writing workplace Policy (or retaining a costly attorney who "hopefully"  does it right for you)


If that's not enough, you still have to issue  all your employees a copy of this new Policy and have them sign for it, then provide additional Employee notice, Employee/Supervisor Training,  Drug & Alcohol Education,  Test tracking, Random pool maintenance,  Statistical reporting and much more!!  To top all this off, YOU MUST perform all forms of employee drug & breath alcohol testing, as required by law and/or regulation!!!!  So,  you think you can survive all that???   

WAIT, there's even MORE !

Now, you will have to "try" and find a local and certified collection site who can provide BOTH urine drug testing, via a  DHHS/SAMHSA certified laboratory AND employ "factory certified" breath alcohol testing equipment, operated 24/7 by properly certified Breath Alcohol Technicians!!!  Of course, IF YOU CAN find all that, you'll still need a properly trained and certified  Medical Review Officer (MRO) &  Substance  Abuse  Professional (SAP)!   Oh, did I forget to mention... ALL THAT ADDED, AND TIME CONSUMING, PAPERWORK  & THOSE EXTRA HEADACHES of reading, reviewing and fully understanding all the laws, regulations, case law and all the other legal concerns surrounding employee drug testing within your State!!!?  UGHHHHHH  !!!

***  RELAX . . . WE DO IT FOR YOU...everyday  ***

Forensic Drug Testing Services, Inc. (FDTSI) are one of the very few, DOT, CHP & PUC Compliant Drug & Alcohol Program Management & Consortium firms that actually CARE ABOUT YOU, the employer!  We do all the "legal leg-work" for you, so you can focus on what YOU DO BEST...running your business!!




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As an "At-Will" Employer, you have much more authority to protect your business, it's assets and it's employees.  As such, for the non-unionized employer, you can easily implement the following types of testing within your Company, conditioned upon the adherence to current case law and constitutional restrictions in place within your State.  In general, we can easily implement the following test types within your Company, while limiting any potential liability exposure:

Pre-Employment Testing:

Once a conditional job offer is made, you may conduct a Pre-Employment drug test, as a condition of hire.

Post Accident Testing:

If an employee or group of employees have been determined by your Company to have been the primary cause of the incident, which resulted in medical treatment to any person,  away for the incident scene, then Post Accident Drug & Breath alcohol testing should be immeadiatly conducted, following any emergency medical treatment.

RANDOM Testing:

Preventative workplace drug & breath alcohol testing can be conducted in almost all States.  The main requirement is the employee must work in a "Safety-Sensitive" or "Safety-Related" job task, the majority of his/her job day.  If your employee can cause serious injury or death to himself or others. while having any detectable amount of illegal drugs or alcohol within his.her bodily system,  then they may be placed into your Pool of employee subject to Random testing.  As us for more details and help determining Safety-Sensitive vs. Safety-Relating employees.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing:

This type of testing is the easiest, yet is the most important!  When you "suspect", based on an employee's abnormal appearance, actions or other unusual indicator(s), then you should IMMEDIATLEY investigate the cause, then, if justified, TEST for drugs and breath alcohol.  We help ensure you do it right!

Can you FIRE or DENY EMPLOYMENT, based on a "Positive" Drug Test, even for Marijuana????  - Click here to see video -

ARE YOU REQUIRED to offer a second chance or send your abuser to "Rehab", following a "Positive" drug or breath alcohol test???

"At - Will"  EMPLOYERS