Forensic Point of Care Testing Devices  -  Disclaimer Notice:

Disclaimer Statement:

These devices are also known or marketed as: Instant Testing Devices, Rapid Screening Devices, Quick Testing Devices or POCT Testing Devices.   Also included in this disclaimer are any  and all other types of non-mechanized screening devices or methodologies.

CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGES and understands that  these lower cost, less accurate devices, are not designed, intended or FTA approved for use within the employment sector.  The manufacture and/or distributors of these devices, as well as Forensic Drug Testing Services, Inc., continue to stress and  WARN ALL EMPLOYERS that such devices are NOT intended, designed or FTA approved for employment use , in any form, even if the initial screening results are confirmed via a lab based confirmation method.  If any employer, client or customer uses, continues to use or simply ignores our continued warnings, concerning their improper use of these devices or methodologies,  are hereby accepting any and all past, current or future litigation, or other action that may arise from such use.  Furthermore,  the employer, client or customer hereby release , hold harmless and provide legal defence services to  Forensic Drug  Testing Services, Inc, its Owner, President, Officers, Director and employees, such litigation or other action that may arise by their past, current or contiued use of these screening devices or methodologies.  The employer, client or customer is further advised that these devices, are ONLY intended, designed and approved for use within the Justice system, Court system, Police departments, Probation/Parole offices, Juvenile detention centers, Prisons,  Jails,  Correctional institutions , Rehabilitation programs and other similar law enforcement entities.    Once again, these devices are
NOT APPROVED for employment purposes.

FORENSIC Drug Testing Services, Inc.continues , since October 1991, to advise and highly encourage all  its clients, customers or any employer to avoid and/or STOP using these Point of Collection Testing Devices, detailed above.  We continue to HIGHLY  RECOMMEND that our Clients, Customers or any Employer perform their drug screening & confirmation testing through our DHHS/SAMHSA certified laboratories only, using Title 49 CFR Part 40 as their roadmap. - END -

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