​Pre-Employment :

Test all job applicants, prior to hire !  This is one of your strongest theft & drug prevention tools available.   Better than any alarm or lock!

Post Accident:

Test any and all employees who contributed to a workplace accident, injury or death.  STOP worker's compensation fraud!

Reasonable Suspicion:

Test any employee who appears to be impaired at work.  Stop the accidents BEFORE they even start!


This element is reserved only for those employees who work in a "Safety-Related" or hazardous work environment the majority of their job day.  This element is designed to keep your valued employees OFF drugs, while encouraging current users to stop!

Return to Duty:

If you choose to offer employees a "Second or Last Chance" following a violation of your new Policy (ie: testing positive), this element is used to ensure the employee is "Drug-Free" before returning to your workplace!

Once again, if you choose to offer employees a "Second or Last Chance" following a violation of your new Policy (ie: testing positive), this element is used after the offending employee is returned back to work.  This helps the employee stay on a drug-free track, while ensuing the employer's conditions or being met!

Please Note:

There is no "requirement" that you offer an offending employee a second or last chance.  You may simply terminate the employee, if you wish for insubordination!  However, if you decide to offer a Second or Last Chance, you must offer that same option to ALL offending employees moving forward.  Whatever direction you decide, just remain consistent in ALL cases.


Plan 1:

$ 295.00 One-Time Start-Up (No Annual Renewal Fees), then

$ 195.00 a month thereafter, INCLUDES Three Free Urine Drug Tests a month (non-accumulating)


Plan 2:

$ 99.00 One-Time Start-Up (No Annual Renewal Fees), then

$ 49.00 a month thereafter

Testing not included.

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Thank you for taking the time to research the possibility of your company implementing a Drug Prevention & Employee Testing Program for your Company.   As you already know, it is imperative that you seek out good, reliable and expert advice before deciding to start any type of employee drug testing, most especially Random testing and testing for or excluding marijuana. Rest assured, you've come to the right place, to get it done right!

FORENSIC Drug Testing Services, Inc. (FDTSI) is much different than your average clinic, urgent care, H.R. Association, safety consulting firm, insurance agency, on-line employee handbook generator and (dare I say), most Attorneys!  The best part, we are not attorneys, nor are we a law firm, so you'll have much more freedom to make some informed "choices", before moving forward.  Forensic Drug Testing Services, Inc. is staffed with seasoned, courted certified experts in the field of employee drug testing!  Over the last 30 years, we have helped thousands achieve a true Drug-Free Workplace, which includes at-will employers (like yourself) and many other companies who are regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation, California Highway Patrol & the California Public Utilities Commission.  Most importantly, even after 30 years of serving our community, we still take pride in what we do! 

We will ensure all areas of law are properly researched and applied to your specific industry, then customize your program to fit your desired outcome.  Once that's complete, we will guide you through the proper steps to get your program implemented and ready for your first Random test!

Once you've reviewed, accepted & implemented our sample Policy, you'll be able to start testing under the following conditions:


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