Did you know California Case Law allows Random Drug & Breath

Alcohol Testing for your Non-Regulated "Safety-Related" Employees?


right way, with the court

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Testing Services, Inc.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​EMPLOYEE Drug Testing is not something to be taken lightly!

As an "at-will" employer, in California, you are permitted to do many things "your way", and not have to worry about ending up in court.  HOWEVER, employee drug testing is not your normal "canned policy" you can snag off the internet or from another employer's online handbook.  You are fooling around with a person's civil and constitutional rights, and you must do it right, or not at all!

EVERY COMPANY IS DIFFERENT and must have a customized solution to get the job done right!  It is sad to say, even some complacent attorneys and some worker's comp insurance companies tell or "advice" employers, using obsolete and outdated information, or simply have no clue what to tell you, so they coward away and say "My best advice is not to do it".   What is even worse, some of these "experts", we depend on, are drug abusers themselves, which influences or flaws their "advice".

FORENSIC Drug Testing Services, Inc is much different We don't make excuses or give you reasons why you shouldn't, we give you the expert help and assistance you need, TO DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!   We will always help you stay within the boundaries of the ever changing laws, regulations and established case law.  FORENSIC Drug Testing Services, Inc. currently manages several hundred large and small companies, with a total employee count exceeding 30,000 managed employees!  For the last 28+ years, FORENSIC Drug Testing Services, Inc

(DBA: Cal-Test Drug Testing Services) has been setting the standard, for all others to follow !!

ONCE OUR PROGRAM TEMPLATE IS REVIEWED & IMPLEMENTED, you'll be able to legally and confidently do the following testing, within your at-will, or even your D.O.T./C.H.P./C.P.U.C. regulated workplace.  Regulated or not, we have your needs covered!

  • Pre-Employment 
  • Post Accident
  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • Random
  • Return to Duty &
  • Follow-Up Testing

   ​​​​FORENSIC DTS is your one-stop-shop for everything relating to Federal & State Drug & Breath Alcohol Testing, Policy Production, Implementation, Random Pool Management,  Online Training,  MIS Reporting, Audit Support and all things needed to ensure your program is implemented and managed properly.